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Cut Sheet Labels Produces More Customized Labels With A Crisp, User-friendly Website And Effective Online Marketing Techniques.

Cut Sheet Labels is a leader in the online printing industry. Their easy-to-use website interface allows clients to customize labels to their specifications at significantly discounted prices. Cut Sheet Labels provides online quotes and direct mailing to help small business grow.

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Cut Sheet Labels was one of the very first Magento 2.0 sites ever built. While exciting, this was also a challenge, as Adswot had to find immediate solutions to all problems that accompany new versions of a platform. Additionally, Cut Sheet Labels asked the Adswot team to develop a label-customizer from scratch, something Adswot had never done before. Internal challenges later presented themselves the new system did not operate on the .doc and .pdf files that the Cut Sheet team was used to.


Design and build one of the first ever Magento 2.0 sites.

Custom code and design the ‘label customizer’ for a more user-friendly experience.

Develop a creative SEO strategy for unique labels and categories.

Write unique ad-copy for product descriptions.

The Results


Increase in Organic site traffic


Increase in Pages visited/session


Decreased bounce rate

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